Accommodation – checked!

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Tips&Tricks


The flights are already booked, accommodation sorted and our excitement is increasing with each day that passes. On 21st, late at night we will land in Tel Aviv and meet friends from The Alternative Tourist Group (ATG) that have been more than helpful in organising our trip.

ATG is an tourist organisation, working since 1995 with specific aims in helping people understand a culture, history and significant events from a nation that has been forgotten from the global narrative.  Money is far from being their aim, but establishing human-oriented tourism, encourage instructive and authentic meetings with Palestinian people or volunteer work. In less words, they aim is “get to know through personal experience” 

With their help we have booked accommodation in a 2 bedroom house with a Palestinian single woman, who for 22£ per night will host us and cook 2 means per day. Nathan and Jay will share a room, and I will be the privileged one with a single bedroom. We are going to arrive very late at night and the lovely people from ATG have invited us to share a cup of tea with them and discuss our plan. They can easily organise any sort of pilgrims(historical, religious, political) and direct you to the right places. 

Have a look at their website, and get in touch any time you need extra information

We will keep you up to date with our experience as soon as we get there.


Antonia D Hruscovschi 



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