Contemporary Spectacle

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Academic Research

 Western societies believed that the feud between Jew and Arabs has been continuous (over 1000 years) and will remain the same. The truth of the matter is that this ‘idea’ is an assumption and an evident myth. There was no abnormality with the relationship between the Jewish people and before conflict had arisen the Jews flourished socially and economically in the Arab world. The two nations lived together in harmony (Arabs were the majority). This lifestyle eventually subsided when in the years of 1932-1936 Adolf Hitler began ethnic cleansing. Jews flooded to Palestine, where the decision arose to create a Jewish State, they believed that it was their right due to Jewish history being present on Palestinian land, they called it a national liberation movement (We may call it colonialist) An agreement was made for the Jew and Arabs to follow although Arabs made up 69% of the popularity and Jew 31% they received only 43 % whilst Jews 56% of the most fertile land. After the agreement was made Jews started the war of 1948. The national narrative is a spectacle in itself it claims that in 1948 the Jews were under attack by Arab armies who outnumbered the Jewish Military, it was said that the ‘Arabs attacked, the Jews won, Arabs left and Jews had the rights to take their homes. This infact goes against the actual facts if Jews were under attack how did the conquer the West bank, Gaza strip Sinai Peninsula and Golan heights all within 6 days whilst being attacked by Arab armies. The facts are that the Jews attacked because they wanted to erase Palestine off the map and in order for them to do that they carried out a hypocritical attack of ethnic cleansing, now I say hypocritical because did they not just face ruthless amounts of ethnic cleansing in Europe and that being the reason they flooded to Palestine although some Jewish people believe that they did not put Arabs through extreme amount of ethnic cleansing ( No gas chambers etc.) they did however still kill them no matter how the act was carried out. The Jews believe they treat Arabs like any enemy however it was the Jewish people who attacked first making the Arabs the enemy. The implication of the national narrative allows one culture to victimize themselves and let the other culture take the blame which portrays them as the antagonist in the whole situation when infact they are the victim. Another spectacle which has arisen is the idea of BiNationalism or the one state solution where both nations would come together and live in harmony where both nations have the right to return, the right to vote and an equal way of life. Many Jews say that Palestinians are against the idea of the national narrative however it was the Jews who didn’t want it in 1948 and are again blaming the Arabs for something they don’t want just to make them appear to be the better nation to western countries.

Written by Zainab Mogul and Cynthia Mbugua


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